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New ACEO Cards Avialable Today

Good Morning and Hello!
Before these go up on Ebay (after we make tortillas today) I wanted to give you a little preview of the fun of ACEO cards. 🙂

Left to Right Top Row

â–șMrs. Cockroach got a new dress.
â–ș She Could only look down her nose at them – inspired by a real person I met who serious had her head back looking down at people at an event we were at, people of lesser means made her “uncomfortable”….
â–ș Boss Pear runs the Fruit Bowl – inspired by a pear that got moldy and ruined other fruits in the bowl.
â–ș Siamese Cat – because we love ’em.
â–ș These boots are made for walkin’ (always loved that campy song).
â–ș Really ugly doll – reminiscent of a doll someone made for me.
#outsiderart #ooakart