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New ACEO Cards Avialable Today

Good Morning and Hello!
Before these go up on Ebay (after we make tortillas today) I wanted to give you a little preview of the fun of ACEO cards. 🙂

Left to Right Top Row

►Mrs. Cockroach got a new dress.
► She Could only look down her nose at them – inspired by a real person I met who serious had her head back looking down at people at an event we were at, people of lesser means made her “uncomfortable”….
► Boss Pear runs the Fruit Bowl – inspired by a pear that got moldy and ruined other fruits in the bowl.
► Siamese Cat – because we love ’em.
► These boots are made for walkin’ (always loved that campy song).
► Really ugly doll – reminiscent of a doll someone made for me.
#outsiderart #ooakart

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