• New Art Listed on Ebay January 11th – Let’s Have a Look!

    What a WEEK!
    The Polar Vortex rolled through – we saw temperatures over two days of -40, yes MINUS 40-degrees. Insane!

    Here’s the latest has gone up on Ebay you can preview below

    I had a friend tell me about her childhood. She wins the Internet for bad childhoods. And yet, she’s one of the most positive, loving people I know. She told me it took years of self-examination, and getting to the point her father would never own up to his bad behavior and her mother would never leave him. In fact she told me, both her parents are in their 70’s now and her mother is STILL waiting on this guy to find his humanity. She told me she still talks to her mother, but she has zero to do with her father. She said last Xmas he sent her a card that was really hateful about what a failure she was as a daughter. And she said the card looked like it had fallen in a mud puddle before mailing. It was filthy. She told me she just pictured him in her mind as someone walking in a brown, dirty rain, all his life. Covered in filth from the dirty water because of that card. The title for this piece comes from when She told me she doesn’t wish him ill, but she doesn’t wish him well. She hopes to get to a point where she can genuinely from the heart wish him well.
    Because this is such an upside-down situation – this painting is signed upsidedown on the upper left.
    When humans finally do something to wipe out our species, cockroaches will be the next species to rise to dominance. And what if they develop like any society and start establishing arts.
    I’m certain ballet will be in there.
    Have you ever been in a position where you knew something pretty opinion-changing about someone and you could prove it? Did that person instigate a smear campaign against you that went on for years? If you’ve ever been in that position, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Fortunately for him, she made a decision made to not destroy his life, and hey if you’re reading this, and you know who you are – You’re welcome.
    Have you ever known someone that made you feel rich? Not talking about money in the bank – just rich with good things in life and love?
    Then I was talking with a friend and the conversation turned into this imaginary woman with every material trapping in life that signifies being “rich”, and still feeling poor.
    I has chatting with a new friend and we were talking about people that had been less than kind to us over the years. I told her I painted it and I was over it by the time the paint dried. She told me she held onto past hurts to the point they made her ill. Then one day someone told her to stop waiting on others to say they were sorry and take control and forgive them. She told me she felt the black and browns leaving her fingers as she forgave everyone and since then, she’s felt like a million dollars. How cool is that?
    The Lemon Queen is so happy she almost broke out of her royal frown! She discovered today her daughter Sourina is SO disagreeable and sour. She’s ready to be groomed to take over the Lemon Kingdom.
    This is an improved photo. Basically I take photos and old vintage photos and “improve” them
    with mixed media. I hope you enjoy it.
    This one is a tin photo that I mounted on a 3.5 canvas panel. The canvas panel is covered in a book page from a counseling guide from the 1950s about how to discuss sex with teens for teachers LOL…
    I put gold trim around the words to Queen it up.
    Best advice ever : Never Stop Moving.
    The twins are a subject I’ve been doing off and on in paintings since about 2005. They are two little girls. I don’t know if they are alive or dead, but one is mischievous and the other always takes the blame. They are always looking for someone new to play with. Only the grass is barely alive around their home.
    This was the situation that started the Feeling Rich and Feeling Poor in a relationship conversation that inspired the other piece “You Make Me Feel Poor.” I knew someone that felt so unheard, unloved, taken for granted, I asked her to describe her marriage in a couple of words and she said : Cold, Poor, and Sperm Receptacle. Yeah, harsh. I’m happy to say – she’s happy now with a great person. 😀
    I shut the door on my biological family years ago because I don’t do prejudice, negativity, or drama. Instead I’ve spent the last score of years building a family of awesome people
    When I was little, my sister used to drive me crazy by telling me she would always be taller. I have no idea why – it did. I guess because I was 10-years younger than her and I didn’t have a good come back for it. She’s still taller than me.
    When I was little, my sister used to drive me crazy by telling me she would always be taller. I have no idea why – it did. I guess because I was 10-years younger than her and I didn’t have a good come back for it. She’s still taller than me.