• Non-Paying Patrons and Something Special in the Mail

    Snapshot_20141223It’s the little things.
    I was in a pretty crummy mood today.
    My holiday sales the past week have gone like a bad holiday song.
    “3 Clients Can’t Pay Until First Week of January”
    “2 Non-Paying Ebay Bidders”
    “1 bounced check for art I already mailed…”
    And so my total take in for the week before Xmas sales turned out to be $35.
    January will be great but for this week -meh.
    And then Skinney brings me THIS.
    Stephen Savageau makes the most bad ass handmade cards and they are a real treat – I GOT ONE TODAY!
    YAY! Thank you Stephen – I’m gonna go crack open a Guinness, make some nachos with extra jalapenos, and Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate – I hope it’s awesome.