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Third Eye Cat original painting 8×10

Title: 3rd eye cat

Comment – third eye cat knows where all the treats and toys are

This is an 8×10 watercolor painting on illustration board

Item Specifics:
Size: 8×10
Painted in watercolors
Original artwork

At the time of this writing, the piece was available in my eBay store – if you don’t find it there, it means the artwork is living in a happy home. If you’d like something similar, talk to me about a commission or find a fun, new piece of art here.

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Uncle Horatio

By all accounts Uncle Horatio was an odd man. He never married mainly because of his passion for raising birds.
Every spring he would walk around in the forest after thunderstorms to see if any nestlings had fallen from their nests above in the trees.
If he couldn’t return the baby birds or find the nest, he would put the young birds safely in his bird and raise them.
He did this every year.
#outsiderart, #3amgallery, #birdfriend

This piece is on Ebay if you want to make it  yours.

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People with Signs – #1 – #4

Have you ever had a friendship or relationship with someone and when it finally fractured and you saw the TRUE nature of the other person – we went – “Damn, wish they would have had a sign…”
Well, I am giving them that. This is a series of pain from my own experiences and stories from friends about People Who Should Have Had Signs.


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Kitty Blue Painting

All of our cats are special needs cats. We are drawn to help the kitties that need homes and care. We work out of the house so we’re always here.
The bad part of adopting special needs cats is that you wind up having to say “goodbye” much sooner than you’d like in some cases but the good part is you get to know some pretty amazing furry friends.

kitty blue