Tag: animal art

  • No Playing for Foamy

    Nobody ever played with Foamy, mostly because he foamed at the mouth and may or may not have had rabies, but that’s no excuse to not play with him! But back to the postcard, send this nice postcard to someone you haven’t seen in a while to come and play. You’re not Foamy, are you?

  • Miss Viola’s School for Dogs, Cats and Mice

    This is a class picture of the last class at Miss Viola’s School for Dogs, Cats and Mice. The school was made to prove that dogs, cats and mice could go to school together. But one winter, the mice all mysteriously disappeared and they were never found again. You can buy an art print of this strange class picture in sizes 8×10 and 12×16.

  • Brand New Crow Hat

    Well go on, aren’t you going to say something about Mrs. Crow’s lovely new hat? She didn’t bring it up for no reason you know, she wants a compliment. If you don’t give it she’ll tell the rest of the crows and then they’ll tell all of their kin and grandkin, then you’ll really be in trouble. I suppose you can settle their anger by buying an art print Mrs. Crow and her new hat in sizes 8×10 and 12×16. But don’t expect her to not still be mad!

  • Robot Cats!

    Cat robots on wheels. What else is there to say? It’s cat robots on wheels! They’re made of metal, they’re fast, they like yarn and food. They yell at 3 AM every single night. They’re cat robots on wheels! To top it all off, you can buy an art print of these robot cats on wheels in sizes 8×10 and 12×16.

  • Handle Stress By Becoming an Octopus Art Print

    Everybody needs some way to handle their stress. Her method was to put on her octopus suit and go around pretending to be just another sea creature. Meditating? Likely. Weird? Yep. While there’s (probably) no place to buy an octopus suit yourself, much less learn how to breath underwater while wearing it, you can buy an art print of this octopus suit lady. Next best thing, you can use your imagination.

  • The Art of Having a Lobster For Dinner

    Why have lobster for dinner when you can have a lobster for dinner. How could you possibly boil him into a delicious buttery feast when he looks so good in his tux? This tuxedo lobster art print will really make you wish you had a lobster for dinner, whether it’s the course or the guest.