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  • Mr. Sparkle

    Be careful what you say in front of Mr. Sparkle, he will tell your secrets.

    Mr. Sparkle Tells Me Your Secrets Outsider Art Print 8×10 – The art of Jo Potocki (3amgallery.com)

  • 3-Legged Lady with Pets Oil Painting 8×10

    3-Legged Lady with Pets Oil Painting 8×10

    dscf3771 dscf3774I love oil paintings.  I hate the time it takes them to dry so I can varnish them, but I love oil paintings!
    I wanted to do a painting of a lady and her pet bird and her pet fish. Then I couldn’t decide which way I wanted her legs to be so I gave her 3 legs. Worked out great.

    She’s on an 8×10 heavy board and I still haven’t decided if I am going to frame her or not…. leaning towards “yes” currently.

    She will be available for sale after December 13th

  • He Found Balance with Birds

    out of the frame

    1e4f580b54444f478a3313ef11b6fa5bHe was always looking for ways to remind himself to stay balanced.
    Then he combined his love of birds with his need for inner peace – it worked!

    Okay! Let’s talk about the piece shall we?
    This piece is acrylics, gouache, ink, and watercolors painted directly on a vintage photo.

    I like to call them “improved photos.”

    This piece is for sale here