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  • Blue House in the Hills with Cats in Windows original painting

    I was chatting with some folks and we were talking about our first crushes. I remember mine vividly. I was 5 years old and NO ONE could tell that I was not marrying Vincent Price. I wanted a spooky husband damnit. And Vincent and I were going to live happily in the hills in our blue house with a cat in every window.

    This is a painting I’ve wanted to do for years but just never did – glad it is finally out of my brain and onto paper. Now this original can be on your walls!
    Contact me if you’d like to purchase – giclee prints are available for $25 each.


  • Some Cats Have a Blue Eye and a Green Eye

    Some cats have a blue eye and a green eye. I’ve been a huge supporter of the Humane Society over the years. The one here in Toledo is one of the oldest no-kill shelters. I haven’t been a foster since I moved here, but definitely I want to get involved with that again. So many dogs and cats and so many need homes – it’s nice to be able to spring them from a cage until they get adopted. 🙂

    This painting was from a phrase a vet told me regarding a cat I brought in for a look over. The cat had a green eye and a blue eye. The vet told me the cat was probably deaf on the side with the blue eye and proceeded to test for it – sure enough the kitty was deaf on that side, not that it slowed her down one bit.

    This is an ACEO acrylic painting – contact me if you’d like to own it.


  • Kitties Finding Forever Homes

    I’m so happy. My friend Shiva adopted a new kitty and he donated a painting I did about rescued cats.

  • There is a Warm Radiator for Every Cat in the Afterlife 5×7 Acrylic

    cats on radiatorsThe 3 cats in the painting are Phoenix (orange – got hit by a car I’ll never know why he was in the street in the first place he was an indoor cat)…the black and white is Oliver Gripweed – he died of kidney failure – that cat was my heart, and last was the Siamese – Timmy Cat Smell – she had cerebellar hyposplasia and wound up living 9 years when the vets early on predicted she wouldn’t last a year. She was an awesome furry friend.

    5 x 7-inches Acrylic, watercolor, and ink
    Sold to a private collector.

    If you’d like to buy a print directly from me, they are available at our 3amGallery Store.

  • Phoenix – Our Ginger Cat 🙂

    I want to tell you about Phoenix.
    Phoenix was a ginger cat.
    He was a super aggressive, biting, scratching, bastard of a cat and he could be equally as loving and sweet when he wanted to be.
    He was filled with the personality of 10 cats and it was a pleasure to know him all in all, scratches and missing chunks of flesh aside…
    One day we went to the store and when we came home – we found him laying in the street.
    Some assclown had hit him and kept right on going apparently.
    I still to this day can’t figure out what even lured him in that direction, he never went to the street.
    I still miss him and his big time meows in the morning when our need for sleep was interrupting his breakfast plans. 😀
    ginger cat