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  • The Higher the Hair, the Closer to God Improved Photo

    I think anyone that grew up in the Deep South will remember TBH (Texas Big Hair) and the saying, “The higher the hair, the closer to God.” hahahaha

  • I Bring the Party

    I bring the party. I think everyone should. It’s much better to be around people that want to celebrate the lives they have rather than moaning about the lives they don’t have.
    This is a vintage photo mounted on vintage book papers from a 1950’s sex guide (a really short book! seriously it’s like 50 pages) and mounted it on a 3×5 canvas.

  • I Will Always Hold Your Hand Artwork

    It is important to have someone willing to hold your hand and you should be willing to hold someone else’s hand too… I think supporting each other is the way to go. 😀

    hold your hand
    i will always hold your hand 6×6 on vintage photo

  • First Day of Techno, She was There

    First Day of Techno, She was There

    Here’s the story that inspired this piece :

    I was watching this amazing argument on Facebook with two people arguing over which of them heard Techno music first.
    I beg to differ, everyone knows it was this woman, first day of techno – she was there!



  • BBW Diva Devil Woman!

    I was talking with a friend of mine and she’s a BBW and she was lamenting all the horror movies, the demons are always skinny and lanky – and I thought about it, she was right.
    I couldn’t think of one single sassy, BBW demon.
    So I made one – this one is super sassy, rockin’ a little red demon outfit and she has a bewitching new pitchfork , you know for poking. 😉
    #bbw, #devilwoman

    bbw devil

  • She Never Minded He Looked Like an Elephant

    True love sees past all our dents and dings as humans. We see the inner person we love not what’s on the outside.
    I am lucky to have found that in this life and so did the two people in this improved photo. She never minded he looked like an elephant, sprayed water all over the bathroom with  his truck on Saturday night bath night and left peanut shells in the bed, she loved who he was and found all that stuff totally endearing. #marriage

    elephant man

  • Russell’s Awesome Invention

    Russell made a great invention. This marvelous machine would take your inner self and make your outside match your inside.
    He tried it on his dog first, and the dog became even more beautiful.
    He tried it on a mouse and the mouse became stunning.
    Finally, he tried it on himself and he unfortunately had his face rearranged into a gigantic sphincter.
    Then no one would fund his project. _____________________________________________________________

  • Let’s Play Said the Fish to the Mermaid

    This started as a blob of pink paint on a piece of watercolor paper. I found it after it dried. So i drew a circle around it, then I decided it was a pink pearl that a little fishy was holding in his fish teeth.
    And then I thought, wouldn’t it be great if the pearl belonged to his best friend, a mermaid?
    I love painting mermaids, especially drawing the scales on the tail – that is super fun to me (yeah I know, I’m weird).
    I think it was also inspired because the fish tank on the second floor leaked and my side of the bed (of course) is wet – I think I”ll have to camp out on the couch in the living room tonight until it’s dry.

    This will make a great addition to your collection of our art – bid now!
    Size : 6-inches by 9-inches
    Ink, watercolor on 140lb cold pressed paper.

  • Sunday August 11th

    Skinney and I are hoping it stays clear tonight and maybe we can see some meteors, I’ll post photos if we get any 🙂

    I’ve been painting today – here’s what went up on Ebay.
    I have been doing everything but re-doing the website of mine I need to be revamping – egads my writing site has cyber-cobwebs.

    But let’s face it – painting is more fun!
    #art, #ebayart
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