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  • Original Painting No Water No Problem SANDBOATS girl outsider art by 3amgallery

    No water …. no problem ….. Nancy played with SANDBOATS

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    • Original painting.
    • Mixed media painting on vintage photo 
    • piece measures 3.5 x 5.5 inches
    • Colors may display differently on your screen 

  • Robot Wins 8×10 Original Acrylic Painting

    Robot Wins 8×10 Original Acrylic Painting

    robotwins1As you know, I like to paint directly on photos. I found an old beat-up movie still from the 1956 B-classic, “Earth vs. the Flying Saucers.” The photos had some wear and damage so I mounted it carefully on a heavy mat board and then painted it. Added some flames along the fence line in the back. Gotta love the 1950’s and their phallic robots.

    About this piece

    I love old movies. I love old horror and sci-fi movies with a passion.
    This is a photo still mounted on a heavy mat board and painted directly on the piece.
    The size is 8×10.
    This artwork is sealed under varnish
    and…. it is sold. 🙂

  • Painting on Vintage Photo Thunderstorm Girl 4.5 x 6.5 inches watercolor

    Painting on Vintage Photo Thunderstorm Girl 4.5 x 6.5 inches watercolor

    thunderstormgirl1This was a badly faded vintage photo in a box of photos I purchased. I was having a rough day and definitely felt like a thunderstorm was over my head. But never fear! Umbrellas make things better!

    This piece is 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches and painted using gouache and watercolors. 🙂 
    She will make a great addition to your art collection.

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  • The Proper Praying Technique God Only Listens To

    The Proper Praying Technique God Only Listens To


    So, you know how certain churches go door to door and want to find out where you’re at spiritually? I live in Holy Toledo and we seem to have a little more than our fair share of people knocking on our door wanting to sell me Jesus. Now, I am never rude. In fact, I listen, ask questions, and am polite. I am a lifelong atheist but I’m certainly not knocking anyone else for believing. I just don’t want to be involved.

    One day two women came by and they were giving me the spiel about saving my immortal soul, yadda yadda yadda and then a woman told me that she would tell me how to pray.

    She asked if that is why I didn’t believe in God wasn’t it? My prayers didn’t get answered! Well, she told me if you do not hold your fingers straight, perfectly STRAIGHT – God doesn’t listen. If you intertwine and fold your fingers, well you’re just praying to yourself she told me with a knowing smile.
    Now you know.

    That inspired this and about 4 other artworks that live in happy homes – this is the last one. She’s praying properly and there are old Christian symbols around the piece.

    About this Artwork
    This piece is 6.5 by 9 inches
    Acrylic painted on vintage photo

    Price: $54 + $3 shipping.
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    Shipping is $3 within the U.S. – International shipping averages around $9. Just contact me for a quote.

  • Still Not Asking For It Original Improved Photo Painting

    still-not-asking-for-it-closeup still-not-asking-for-itA really depressing statistic shows 1 in 5 women will experience rape in her lifetime. That’s unacceptable. Not matter what I am wearing (not wearing), I am still not asking for it.

    This piece is acrylics, gouache, ink, and watercolors painted directly on a vintage photo. I like to call them “improved photos.” This vintage photo is from around 1920 and is mounted in a few layers of chipboard and heavy card stock. It came to me like this so I am unsure of when the mounting of the photo took place.

    This piece is available for purchase here.


  • He Found Balance with Birds

    out of the frame

    1e4f580b54444f478a3313ef11b6fa5bHe was always looking for ways to remind himself to stay balanced.
    Then he combined his love of birds with his need for inner peace – it worked!

    Okay! Let’s talk about the piece shall we?
    This piece is acrylics, gouache, ink, and watercolors painted directly on a vintage photo.

    I like to call them “improved photos.”

    This piece is for sale here

  • Aunt Irma and Napoleon’s Amazing Breasts

    When I buy a lot of vintage photos, inevitably there are CDV or carte de visite photographs mixed in. They were affordable and I read Civil War soldiers had their photos taken and printed with this method. It usually looks like a lithograph – I don’t know the actual process – but sometimes there are historical photos of famous folks – like this one actually was Napoleon.
    (My history buff friend started the idea of Aunt Irma by telling that towards the end of his life Napoleon grew breasts that were apparently pretty amazing.)

  • Unicorn Fish Were His Only True Friends

    Kurt didn’t like being around people. He devised a way to spend unlimited time with the unicorn fish. If you haven’t seen them they have very unique faces. The occasional jellyfish shows up, but Kurt just pretends they aren’t there. He finds jellyfish utterly annoying with their lack of personality.

    This is a 4.5 x 6.5 vintage photo mounted on a 9×12 vintage chipboard.
    The painting is directly on the photo and sealed under varnish.

    I believe every artwork tells a story and Here is the story behind this piece.
    The Toledo Zoo just spent over a year redoing their aquarium and they have these amazing unicorn fish. I swear I could watch them all day long.
    This is a painting done over a vintage photo.


  • Dog Formal Dinner with Boston Terrier Improved Photo

    This was a very faded photo of a young man – he had a flattish face so he became a dog.

    I love Boston Terriers, I’ve yet to be owned by one, but it will probably happen. I love dogs. This little man has brilliant manners and is having a formal dinner. He even knows which forks to use and when.
    This is an acrylic painting done over a vintage photo.

    Materials used:

    vintage photo, acrylic, ink, love of dogs and formal dinners, varnish

    Contact me if you’d like to give this painting a forever home.