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  • I remember my childhood in shades of red and brown

    I have no fond memories of childhood. One way or another my mother managed to destroy them all with actions, words, and usually both.  Childhood is long over and I let any animosity I have for my mother go an equally long time ago.  It is what it is and it just made me resolve to be supportive of my own kids.
    I definitely fine-tuned the art of finding a silver lining in any situation. I was thinking the other day, when I remember any event from being a young child, it’s always in shades of red and brown in my mind’s eye. I wonder why I don’t just remember things in regular colors as they were. Clearly i was not living in a red and brown world. Weird. That’s what this improved photo was about.


  • New Art and WHAT a Week!

    First, I am excited to share some new paintings with you. This I’ll tell you about our sucky week.
    Click to see the full size image.
    The top one is “Crime Scene”. We are not sure who killed the olive but someone committed murder in a martini. Next to the right is “Bunny Lover Moon.”
    Then on the second row, this is Tammy. I freakin’ LOVE the “Fido” movie and this is my homage to Tammy.   Then we have a little party in the pasture with some sheep in party hats. And Pumpkin Girl finishes up dancing in the pale moonlight.

    We have had a very cold week.  Columbia Gas did some stupid digging, and hit something necessary to supply heat to our house. Turns out their mistake is some plumbing companies windfall because now I have 3 huge repairs staring me down.
    Super fun in my front yard

    1 – valves (happening today) for $549.
    2- replace street to house gas lines $1900
    3- replace all water lines for boiler system $2500

    This all has to be handled in the next 30 days so I am going to be taking all the writing gigs I can get and painting as much as possible. Here’s to hopin’ we can do this 🙂

  • People with Signs – #1 – #4

    Have you ever had a friendship or relationship with someone and when it finally fractured and you saw the TRUE nature of the other person – we went – “Damn, wish they would have had a sign…”
    Well, I am giving them that. This is a series of pain from my own experiences and stories from friends about People Who Should Have Had Signs.


  • Here’s My Heart

    I used to swear I had a magnet somewhere in my body that would instantly attract the WORST possible person for me.

    A dozen years ago I finally met a great guy that loves me for me and even likes all my dents and dings.
    No constant litany of things I could improve to be better and he’s always honest. I love that part most of all. I can trust anything he says. We agreed from the start to be utterly honest with the good, bad, and ugly.

    So even though my heart is a little bruised from people who didn’t treat it right – it’s still a good heart and he holds it now very carefully (and sometimes with PIE!) woohoo!

    bruised heart
    Here's My Heart Jo Potocki Acrylic Collage Outsider Art Orginal Love Heart Art | eBay.

    #heartart, #relationships

  • I Gave My Cat a Bath Today

    My cat Dexter has a skin problem – he’s an indoor only cat but he’s so allergic to fleas if he happens to get bitten, man, it’s bad. He’s so itchy and miserable. He’s really spazzy and hard to comb because he just wigs out and runs.

    So to give him so relief, he gets a bath more frequently than our other cats.
    Let me stress, Dexter HATES a bath.

    Like if stink eye could kill me to get out of the bath he’d do it – he hates them that much.

    But he seems to feel pretty awesome afterwards so it’s worth all the attitude and stink eye he throws.
    And he even comes and sits with me afterwards so I know it’s all cool.

    This piece is super fun because if you look closely you can see Dexter is painted on paper that is mounted on this canvas. 🙂

    no cat bath
    No Cat Bath Full View