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  • I Bring the Party

    I bring the party. I think everyone should. It’s much better to be around people that want to celebrate the lives they have rather than moaning about the lives they don’t have.
    This is a vintage photo mounted on vintage book papers from a 1950’s sex guide (a really short book! seriously it’s like 50 pages) and mounted it on a 3×5 canvas.

  • She Never Minded He Looked Like an Elephant

    True love sees past all our dents and dings as humans. We see the inner person we love not what’s on the outside.
    I am lucky to have found that in this life and so did the two people in this improved photo. She never minded he looked like an elephant, sprayed water all over the bathroom with  his truck on Saturday night bath night and left peanut shells in the bed, she loved who he was and found all that stuff totally endearing. #marriage

    elephant man

  • Stalker Moon

    We were watching the movie “Arthur” and there’s this bit where the love interest of Arthur tells him when she was a little girl, she believed the moon followed her and it meant she was going to be something special.
    It got me thinking – what if it wasn’t an optical illusion, what if the moon really was following you?
    How creepy would that be?

    Size : 6.5-inches by 4.25-inches
    Ink, watercolor on antique photo from early 1900s

    the story of what inspired this piece will be sent with your artwork

    Shown larger than the actual piece for detail.

  • Red Ribbon Guy

    I wanted to do something different with this guy.
    He had the usual hair and the usual suit and the usual expression you see over and over and over in vintage photos (yes i know why people rarely smiled in these old photos ).
    And so I wanted to make him special, unique even.
    Everyone deserves that.
    So i started with some amazing blonde hair then it needed something…. a hat? No…. a RIBBON.
    And here you have Stanley with his amazing hair with this amazing ribbon.
    He will be the envy of all your other art on your walls.

    Size : 6.5-inches by 4.25-inches
    Ink, watercolor on antique photo from early 1900s

    the story of what inspired this piece will be sent with your artwork

    Shown larger than the actual piece for detail.

  • Zombie School Boy

    There was something about this kid.
    Maybe it was his sleepy, know-it-all eyes or maybe it was the fact I just really was fired up to paint a zombie today but this kid just screamed ZOMBIFY ME!
    And everyone knows I always do what people ask (my partner just stroked when I typed that)
    And so, I give you “Zombie School Boy”.

    Size : 2.25-inches by 3.25-inches
    Ink, watercolor on antique photo from the 1954

    the story of what inspired this piece will be sent with your artwork

    Piece is shown much larger for detail.

  • Very Bad People ACEO Original Set of 4

    ACEO Card Set

    I bumbled onto the Crime Library to read more about the Mountain Meadows Massacre and there was this other article I clicked on and it was the Top Ten Bestiality Cases. It was mugshots and a short synopsis of what these people did and I was just reading a couple thinking wow these are bad people and then I drew them and wrote my take on the synopsis on the back (basically an even shorter synopsis).

    very bad people
    Backs of the ACEO Cards
    very bad people

    Click the ACEO link at the top of the page to go to Ebay and place a bid 🙂

  • New ACEO Cards Avialable Today

    Good Morning and Hello!
    Before these go up on Ebay (after we make tortillas today) I wanted to give you a little preview of the fun of ACEO cards. 🙂

    Left to Right Top Row

    ►Mrs. Cockroach got a new dress.
    ► She Could only look down her nose at them – inspired by a real person I met who serious had her head back looking down at people at an event we were at, people of lesser means made her “uncomfortable”….
    ► Boss Pear runs the Fruit Bowl – inspired by a pear that got moldy and ruined other fruits in the bowl.
    ► Siamese Cat – because we love ’em.
    ► These boots are made for walkin’ (always loved that campy song).
    ► Really ugly doll – reminiscent of a doll someone made for me.
    #outsiderart #ooakart

  • Black Hair and Green Eyes

    Sometimes a feeling creates a person.
    Like the other night, I had a great chat with an old friend and then had a great dinner with my partner Skinney and sat down to paint. I was feeling great and apparently feeling great is in the form of black hair and green eyes.
    I have no idea who she is but I bet she’s nice 🙂

    Size : 9-inches by 12-inches
    Ink, watercolor on 140lb cold pressed paper.
    There is a one inch boarder for easy framing!


  • I Would Have Liked Her Better – Acrylic on Canvas

    And so I was trapped in my seat on an airplane.
    Full flight, couldn’t get someone else to trade with me.
    One of those nice, quieter jets where the engines don’t drown out the super annoying person next to you.
    I was stuck next to this overly nervous, non-stop talking woman who did nothing but spew the most judgmental, rude crap.
    Pretty soon it became a game, look at my watch and then count how many times she said “I”.
    Over an hour of this, I had learned she thought everyone that didn’t put their hands over their hearts should be shipped out of ‘Merica and thought Fox News was the ONLY true news.
    I also learned she had some pretty extreme views on women’s rights (they didn’t need them, they had it good before and really if we loved a man enough to marry him, he could make our decisions for us as god intended) and most importantly, I learned that cable was just a way to show our people soft porno and corrupt us all!
    She was making me tired.
    Finally when she asked me what I did, I told I wrote musical scores for porn movies.
    She turned away and said nothing more. 🙂
    Best, last hour of a flight to Toledo, Ohio – EVER.

    Size : 3-inches by 5-inches
    acrylic paint on acrylic panel