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  • Kickin’ Nannies All Star Goat Show

    Kickin’ Nannies All Star Goat Show

    Along with sheep, I love goats. I also love burlesque. So they had to come together at some point and they did in a large-sized piece titled, ” Kickin’ Nannies All Star Goat Show“. I like the little goaty-guy that is holding up the signs.

    This original artwork  is sold and lives in a happy home, but I wanted to share it.
    There are also limited edition prints of the Kickin’ Nannies available for $25.

  • Couldn’t Be Happy Even if She Were Riding a Unicorn with Bluebirds of Happiness Flying out of its Butt

    Finished this 8 x10 watercolor painting.
    First let me cover what this painting is NOT about based on some of the emails I’ve been getting.
    It is not about depression or anyone that is depressed. I thought of this painting, I did this painting and no one more than me knows the intention of this painting.
    It is about people who choose to not embrace the things they have and only lament the things they don’t have.
    I don’t make fun of people struggling with anything. I have a very dark sense of humor but not a cruel one. Depression isn’t funny.
    This painting is  about the people who choose to be the negative, unappreciative asshats of the world, not anyone that struggles with depression. I have nothing but admiration and compassion for anyone fighting that demon.
    We cool now? Good. I like it when we’re cool. If you want to buy this piece, I am sorry it is sold but you can get something similar as a commission for $50.

    [contact-form to=’3@3amgallery.com’ subject=’Order Commission for Couldn’t Be Happy Painting’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

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  • She Knew Every Day She Could Count on Being Yelled At By Him- abstract watercolor 5×7

    $_12 (30)[update] this piece was purchased and will be part of a silent auction to raise awareness for domestic violence.

    I wish I would have know the intention – I would have totally donated it!

    I love Reddit. It’s one my fave places on the Internet. I wind up reading Reddit/Relationships – I know a lot of trolling goes on there but some legit sharing too. I read one very detailed and long post from a woman telling about her life with a verbally abusive man. The yelling and tantrums, just wow.

    People were commenting to her, why don’t you just leave? She wasn’t in a position to do that financially. She had no job, no support systems, he’d driven off all her friends long ago, no car,no savings of her own he didn’t have access to, and she had a young child to think about. She also feared him because he said he’d disappear with their child on the first visitation. She said he was so charming when wanted to be, he would indeed fool a judge into visitation.

    The most shocking part of the entire post I read, was the number of other women in a similar situation. They didn’t have physical bruises but they were verbally abused frequently by the person that was supposed to love them.

  • I remember my childhood in shades of red and brown

    I have no fond memories of childhood. One way or another my mother managed to destroy them all with actions, words, and usually both.  Childhood is long over and I let any animosity I have for my mother go an equally long time ago.  It is what it is and it just made me resolve to be supportive of my own kids.
    I definitely fine-tuned the art of finding a silver lining in any situation. I was thinking the other day, when I remember any event from being a young child, it’s always in shades of red and brown in my mind’s eye. I wonder why I don’t just remember things in regular colors as they were. Clearly i was not living in a red and brown world. Weird. That’s what this improved photo was about.


  • Behold the Mighty Cockroach!

    This gentleman thought the cockroach was under-utilized as a resource. Why he had found ways to cook them, create fizzy softdrinks that only tasted a bit roachy, and he found the nice, large cockroaches made stylish ascots to wear.
    Alas, no one remembers this usefulness about cockroaches.

    #art, #newart, #cockroaches, #ideas


  • I Will Always Hold Your Hand Artwork

    It is important to have someone willing to hold your hand and you should be willing to hold someone else’s hand too… I think supporting each other is the way to go. 😀

    hold your hand
    i will always hold your hand 6×6 on vintage photo

  • Fear of Drowning Jo Potocki Abstract Blue Black Original Painting Watercolor Art | eBay

    Ever since I can remember, I’ve had dreams of dying by drowning. I have a horrible fear of drowning. I’m the white knuckled person on a boat and cruise is RIGHT OUT. No way. I especially hate dark water I can see in.

    Fear of Drowning Jo Potocki Abstract Blue Black Original Painting Watercolor Art | eBay

    Fear of Drowning Jo Potocki Abstract Blue Black Original Painting Watercolor Art | eBay.


  • BBW Diva Devil Woman!

    I was talking with a friend of mine and she’s a BBW and she was lamenting all the horror movies, the demons are always skinny and lanky – and I thought about it, she was right.
    I couldn’t think of one single sassy, BBW demon.
    So I made one – this one is super sassy, rockin’ a little red demon outfit and she has a bewitching new pitchfork , you know for poking. 😉
    #bbw, #devilwoman

    bbw devil

  • She Never Minded He Looked Like an Elephant

    True love sees past all our dents and dings as humans. We see the inner person we love not what’s on the outside.
    I am lucky to have found that in this life and so did the two people in this improved photo. She never minded he looked like an elephant, sprayed water all over the bathroom with  his truck on Saturday night bath night and left peanut shells in the bed, she loved who he was and found all that stuff totally endearing. #marriage

    elephant man