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What I am working on right now

I’ve pretty much made up my mind I am leaving Ebay. I have made up my mind I am only going to sell $10 and under paintings on Ebay.

It was a great place to sell art and I have met some of the coolest people, but unless you spend a lot of money on different types of listings you aren’t favored in search results anymore, and the type of buyer ¬†that just wants the lowest price that they are now attracting is just making it a place I can’t make a living anymore. Time to diversify.

I had a woman recently write me and offer to take 2 paintings off my hands for the price of one. ¬†Another one got her art and then her payment bounced and she is basically refusing to make it good. She got her art and she pointed out to me, I can paint more right??? It’s like poof, more paintings….it’s not like I am really out anything like you know, someone that owns a store with merchandise. I can make more. Ugh …. people….

Okay enough kvetching. Here is what I am working on (poof! More art) today.
None of these pieces I am sharing below are done.
Starting from the left – 2 kitties “It Will Be Better” – needs more layers of paint.
Next is “Artist’s Ideas” – I haven’t decided if I am doing this in watercolor or acrylic or oil yet.
Then, close up of a goat girl – she’s part of a much larger piece this is an ACEO (2.5×3.5 inches)
Next row – The Sneeze ACEO
and Anger ACEO

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