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  • He Found Balance with Birds

    out of the frame

    1e4f580b54444f478a3313ef11b6fa5bHe was always looking for ways to remind himself to stay balanced.
    Then he combined his love of birds with his need for inner peace – it worked!

    Okay! Let’s talk about the piece shall we?
    This piece is acrylics, gouache, ink, and watercolors painted directly on a vintage photo.

    I like to call them “improved photos.”

    This piece is for sale here

  • Goddess of the Martini original painting on vintage photo

    martinigoddess1 076d471af1c94cb2b99785c152799bddI find martinis fascinating. I don’t like any alcohol except beer and wine.

    Since I paint a lot of martini art – people are always telling about this or that martini I must try – still have not had one that I felt would make me have another one – ever… Coffee is my main vice. 😀

    This piece is acrylics, gouache, ink, and watercolors painted directly on a vintage photo. I like to call them “improved photos.”

    Size: 5.5 x 7.5 inches original painting on vintage photo.
    Price : $35
    See her here

  • Bee Family Portrait on Vintage Photo


    You know what is cooler than owning a bee hive? A bee family portrait!
    Actually I would keep bees if it were legal in my city – but it’s not so I paint them and plant all the bee friendly flowers in my garden that I can. I like the little larvae in the middle. That’s what a baby bee looks like ya know and then she grows up (they are all females) and becomes a worker. Unless they are planning to retire their queen, then they secretly feed the larvae royal jelly and ummm when she hatches…surprise Queen, you’re fired.

    Anyway this would be a groovy gift for your favorite bee lover or yourself because you need cool things too. There, I totally just justified it for you – now buy this piece and give it a good home!

  • Vaccines new improved photo

    I was watching Twitter and other social media dividing over California making vaccines a must participate thing.
    How could you NOT vaccinate your kids?
    I’d rather have a grumpy baby that got a vaccination than a toddler with whooping cough.

    This piece is acrylic paint, gouache and watercolor on a vintage photo from somewhere between 1900 and 1915-ish. Sealed under a fixative.

    Size: 4 x 6 inches

  • Too Many Cats

    Is it really possible to have too many cats? What’s line between cat lover and cat hoarder?

    I believe every artwork tells a story and Here is the story behind this piece.
    I love cats. I established a mandatory limit of 4 because that’s all my budget can deal with – otherwise I would definitely end up with too many cats because I want to give every unwanted cat, especially the ones considered “unadoptable” a furever home.

    I use high quality acrylic watercolor, gouache, ink, charcoal on all my artworks.

    Measurements : 5 x 7 inches painted directly on printed photo image mounted on heavy mat board.


  • Unicorn Fish Were His Only True Friends

    Kurt didn’t like being around people. He devised a way to spend unlimited time with the unicorn fish. If you haven’t seen them they have very unique faces. The occasional jellyfish shows up, but Kurt just pretends they aren’t there. He finds jellyfish utterly annoying with their lack of personality.

    This is a 4.5 x 6.5 vintage photo mounted on a 9×12 vintage chipboard.
    The painting is directly on the photo and sealed under varnish.

    I believe every artwork tells a story and Here is the story behind this piece.
    The Toledo Zoo just spent over a year redoing their aquarium and they have these amazing unicorn fish. I swear I could watch them all day long.
    This is a painting done over a vintage photo.


  • Helmuth was not a team player on the bowling team

    Everyone wanted to get screaming, intimating , black cat head bowling balls….. except Helmuth. He got the Hello Kitty of cat head bowling balls. Definitely not scary or intimidating.

    Materials used:
    vintage photo mounted on canvas panel painted with acrylics, ink and gouche.

    Size : 9 inches by 12 inches.


  • My Friend Medusa acrylic on vintage photo

    The Gorgon Sisters were my favorite to read about when I was a kid.
    Medusa was always intriguing to me.

    This is painted on a vintage photo sized 4×6-inches.
    Acrylics, gouache, watercolor, ink and charcoal on antique photo sealed under varnish.

    Materials used:

    acrylics, gouache, ink, and watercolors painted directly on a vintage photo

    If you’d like to own this piece, just contact me.

  • All Further Communication Will Go Through My Attorney

    Someone threatened to sue me for telling the truth. What a joke. Everyone knows lies eventually grow mold and stink – truth never does – that’s why it always comes out on top and outlives any lie.

    This is a 4×6 acrylic and ink on a vintage photo from around 1930s.
    Write me if you’d like to purchase or you can buy through the ArtFinder Gallery Online