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  • “Tales from Nebrahoma” is available in PRINT woohoo!

    It was taking a while to save up for either a or 3G/4G internet, FreedomPop has a sale and I got it on the cheap!

    The thing holding up creating a print copy of the Tales from Nebrahoma book was that my DSL kept timing out about halfway through the upload process of the print-ready copy.

    SO with FreedomPop plugged in, it went zoooooooooooooooooooooooom and was done quick as a wink.

    You can get it hereย  Remember – if one copy is good – SIX COPIES IS BETTER!

    Tales from Nebrahoma.clipular

  • My Books if Published and My Book is FREE Til Sunday

    8706_568981629920645_1061865234467490217_nFinally! I got the digital version of “Tales from Nebrahoma” up on Amazon, you can read it on any device and through Sunday night, you can read it FREE! Otherwise, it is $3 which I promise to do boring things with like keep my lights on and the heat happening, also food for the human and furry family that live here.

    Go get your free copy and share with your friends.

    Also, a print version is forthcoming probably no later than the first week of February. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • New Stuff on Our Site

    So, we’ve used the layout for a good long while. 2016 is looming it is time for change! So we have a new layout – I’ll spend this week while commissions are drying to put up the rest of the gallery page. Woohoo!

  • I Do Not Recommend Falling Down the Stairs as a Hobby

    So my cat threw up a hairball after drinking a ton of water, I stepped in it (yeah, gross I know), and went bumping down the basement stairs. Our stairs are wood with metal fronts and oh yeah a concrete floor down there. Wooo not fun.

    I was cut and banged up and thought I was okay – until a few days later – this pain started radiating HARD from the middle of my back to my stomach. I’ve never really had muscle spasms before so wow – had no idea how high level that pain actually is. For some reason it was making my stomach contract too and then I threw up for 12 hours.

    I went to my chiropractor – I had a knot the size of a golfball between my shoulder blade and spine and wow it was seriously causing me pain. One good adjustment later – I am really sore but well.

    I haven’t been able to make it into my tiny art studio in almost 2 weeks – today was the first day back. I’ve lasted about 4 hours in the chair – that is enough for today.

  • DIY Gesso and Homemade Glue

    This post has been updated and moved to Substack DIY Gesso and Homemade Glue
    Check it out – it’s worth it!

  • The Higher the Hair the Closer to God original painting

    In the South growing up, I wasn’t raised religious. However I did notice some of the sects of Christianity have strict rules for what women can wear to church services, however there were zero rules for hair and there was some seriously big hair happening.
    The original went to a happy new home today but I’m going to release 25 limited edition prints of this artwork. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll update with a better image I’m using for prints.

    higher the hair the closer to god

  • Please Help Save Norbit the Chihuahua

    NorbitsmileUPDATE : You Did It!

    We had enough for everything with $5 left over.

    Wow my friends are awesome friends. Thanks to YOU we had enough to cover it. Exactly enough. Now we need to talk – what art do you want? Message me here and let’s talk about repaying your awesomeness. Do you want cash in a few weeks when the IRS will be allowing me to have some of my own money back? Let’s do that if you want.

    Norbit got better in the waiting room (do your furry babies do that to you?) with only minimal labored breathing and no crying, but the minute the vet touched his neck, he started hacking, really laboring to breathe and gagging. But his lungs are clear – thank goodness. There’s no definitive diagnosis right now. He left with a cough suppressant, and a course of antibiotics because there may be some bacterial action causing this in his windpipe.

    He may have early collapsing trachea – and we’re getting him checked for that again the end of the month when he goes in again. But fortunately, even though it’s a chronic condition – it is manageable from what I am being told. So we’ll watch for that.

    I could not have done this without you – and you and YOU Thank you for being there, thank you for being my friend, and most of all – thank you for helping Norbit.

    To Jenn, who suggested Pet Insurance – I am subscribing. Lesson learned.

    2014 was a horrid year income-wise – 2015 is already looking up.

    I attached a couple of photos of Norbit being awesome at the vet – man he is so good for them. My dog I had years ago bit a vet square in the face.

    Pic-01092015-003 Pic-01092015-002 Pic-01092015-001

    Good morning,

    It’s 5 in the morning and I’m looking for payments today to cover a trip to the vet, and I want to give you something for your money-this isn’t just asking for $. Please read on.

    I need your help. In the past 48 hours something has gone really wrong with our chihuahua Norbit. He is coughing, gagging, and his breathing is super labored, he cries a little with every breath.

    It’s heartbreaking and instead of getting better in the past 24 hours- it’s gotten worse. This dog is more than a dog, he’s a member of the family and he owns my heart.

    I need to get him into the vet TODAY and it’s embarrassing, but I’m broke. November and December are usually awesome months for art sales but this year I made about less than $500 in a time I normally pull 2K a month. Holidays were really lean this year. And you know vets don’t see you unless you can pay. Nothing against vets – that’s how it works.

    ===For YOU===:
    I will either repay you for whatever you give with my tax refund the first week of Feb. OR you can choose to have an artwork created just for you!
    My paypal is -write a note with your payment to tell me which you want.

    If you can’t help at this time – please share
    Maybe someone in your friends list would like something custom painted. Gotta save our dog.

  • Non-Paying Patrons and Something Special in the Mail

    Snapshot_20141223It’s the little things.
    I was in a pretty crummy mood today.
    My holiday sales the past week have gone like a bad holiday song.
    “3 Clients Can’t Pay Until First Week of January”
    “2 Non-Paying Ebay Bidders”
    “1 bounced check for art I already mailed…”
    And so my total take in for the week before Xmas sales turned out to be $35.
    January will be great but for this week -meh.
    And then Skinney brings me THIS.
    Stephen Savageau makes the most bad ass handmade cards and they are a real treat – I GOT ONE TODAY!
    YAY! Thank you Stephen – I’m gonna go crack open a Guinness, make some nachos with extra jalapenos, and Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate – I hope it’s awesome.