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Looking for the Donkey Girl of Tijuana original painting outsider art

Pic-11292014-002I had a friend tell me about this insane weekend he spent in TJ (Tijuana, Mexico) looking for the donkey girl.He and his buddy weren’t sure if they really wanted to see the show, they just wanted to take a photo with a TJ Donkey Lady.  Anyway they kept paying people money that promised them this place or that place was where she was, never panned out. So I painted one so now there is a photo of the Donkey Girl of Tijuana. 🙂

This piece is available for sale at ArtFinder and Ebay for $39

This artwork will sell fast, make it yours now if you want it – it won’t last.

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Uncle Horatio

By all accounts Uncle Horatio was an odd man. He never married mainly because of his passion for raising birds.
Every spring he would walk around in the forest after thunderstorms to see if any nestlings had fallen from their nests above in the trees.
If he couldn’t return the baby birds or find the nest, he would put the young birds safely in his bird and raise them.
He did this every year.
#outsiderart, #3amgallery, #birdfriend

This piece is on Ebay if you want to make it  yours.

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I Come From a Long Line of Clowns

This came from a very funny discussion from a friend of mine. She recently got her DNA tested to see if there was anything interesting in her lineage. She’s adopted and knows nothing about her biological background, so she went on a curiosity adventure and said she didn’t discover anything outstanding.

I asked her what she was hoping for.

She replied that she wanted something to research or an ethnic biological heritage to call her own.

I have no idea why this popped into my head but I said, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t find out you had Clown DNA?”


This piece is currently for sale at Ebay – make it yours!

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Love and Astral Travel – Yes, New Artworks Have Been Born

Two new pieces are finally dry.
The first was inspired by a friend of mine that teaches astral traveling, I thought it would be cool but I’d just probably misuse that super power so it’s better I don’t have it.
(come on you thought about it too)….
and the second is a pure celebration of love. Something we all need more of in our lives. ♥
See them both here :
astral flamesoflove